Redefining Vibrant Prestige

Sometimes even a great brand needs to be redefined. The Escrow Connection, a long time leading Palm Springs Real Estate icon, was ready for a new look. It was time to revamp the look, update both the feel and the color palette to match their current style.


Kathy Kleindienst, the force behind The Escrow Connection, had always defined the brand by her sense of style. The original look and feel captured the best of late 20th century glamour – deep wine colors, classic fonts and traditional styling. As The Escrow Connection moved their office suite into a new space, it was time to upgrade.

How we helped

Marrying the traditional gravitas of fonts with a hip Palm Springs Modern font and color palette was the order of the day. Using the paint scheme of the new office suite as a launching pad, a re-energized palette was created. The original Times New Roman font was updated and replaced with Droid Serif, and the hip Montserrat font was added to the mix. All in all, the revised look and feel gave a nod back to the traditional roots while embracing the new, bold Palm Springs Prestige feel.

How it stuck

The new look and feel has launched with the business cards and stationery, and has been well received by both The Escrow Connection and their clients.