Redefining the Familiar

People can get used to chaos. But chaos doesn’t work when trying to communicate. With over 10 different wordmarks, mascots and logos, Desert Chapel Christian School needed a coherent identity. Sticky Center sorted through the history to give the school a clear voice.


Over the 30 years in existence, Desert Chapel Christian School accumulated many logos/icons to represent their school. Each of those identities spoke to a facet of their multiple audiences – students, existing student’s parents, administrators, school supporters, the public, etc.

By having such a diverse audience pool, DCCS needed help to simiplify to a look and feel that would be comfortable to all their constituencies.

How we helped

After ranking the target markets in order of importance to the school, Sticky Center was able to then offer a tiered use of wordmarks: a more dignified, elegant and academic look and feel to be used as the primary brand image, with a more fun, vibrant secondary usage for athletics and student interactions.

One of the biggest stumbling points was the use of an eagle. Which eagle would best represent the aggressiveness of a senior football player and still speak to the incoming kindergartener. Ultimately, we decided it was more important that the students identified with the place and not the mascot. We created an iconic “DC” that could be used easily for both. That “DC” celebrated the spirit of what was best about the school, and could be versatile enough for each audience.

The brand package for DCCS included a new school logo and icon, font package, letterhead, folder, business cards, brochure, and forms. The icon has become the through line for all media being used on all advertising, apparel, all athletic related merchandise and on campus.

How it stuck

The new look and feel had a limited rolled out at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. The full launch will occur in the fall with the start of the new school year. Reaction from the faculty, existing parents and public has been exuberant, with the “DC” fully embraced by the community.