Reaching New Customers

Tahquitz Canyon Chiropractic needed a new online presence. While their existing presence had a number of elements, it was difficult to navigate, not optimized for mobile browsing, and needed additional elements.


As a small business, Tahquitz Canyon Chiropractic works to provide their customers with the best healing benefits possible, including many services and products that other chiropractors in the area don't offer. They needed a website that communicated their services, products and expertise to an audience that was becoming more mobile-orientated every day.

How we helped

By leveraging the Drupal content management system, Tahquitz Canyon Chiropractic could add information about their offerings easily and efficiently, all while maintaining a mobile-friendly site. The site features YouTube video playback, SEO optimized blog and product pages, as well as the capability to expand easily into an ecommerce store when the time is right. The site features direction based Google Maps, with links back to generate a map from your exact location.

How it stuck

Since launching in late October 2014, the site has been active and well received by current customers. The traffic continues to build and the site is moving up the list in the search engines daily, without the benefit of additional online advertising.