Professionalism on the Web

Lynne Bushore & Associates, a Palm Springs based accounting firm needed their online presence to reflect the professional elegance that they bring to each of their client interactions.


By working with a freelance web designer in the past, Lynne Bushore & Associates became stuck in a rut of hard to update, dated information and misrepresented demeanor online. When they came to Sticky Center they wanted a site that was professional, attractive, easy to update and ready for prime time.

How we helped

After identifying a color palette and appropriate graphics, Sticky Center went to work building the site on a scalable content management system. The Drupal site that built is easy to update, optimized for both SEO and mobile use, and reflects the professionalism and integrity that Lynne Bushore & Associates bring to their work.

How it stuck

The site is a large step forward with the clients, offering a quick portal to the client's FTP upload location, a place to quickly find essential IRS government forms and access and a secure way to connect with their accountant online. Customers are discovering the benefits of Lynne Bushore & Associate's business in whole new ways.