Online Brand Driving Sales to Retail Stores

Located in the next to Silicon Valley, Warm Springs Plaza needed an online presence to go where their customer was. They needed a website that would inform their tech-savvy audience about what was available in their local retail community.

How we helped

By creating an online branded presence, Sticky Center helped differentiate Warm Springs Plaza from a large number of other community shopping centers in Fremont. The site features merchant coupons, menus, and more information about the shopping center, as well as leasing information for other prospective tenants. Content is updated frequently to encourage shoppers to come back.

How it stuck

The site is supported with active Yelp and Google Adwords campaigns, generating an estimated $26,000 in customer sales through leads generated from the search campaigns in the first year. The site continues to grow and thrive, generating awareness of the stores and restaurants in the center, as well as increasing foot traffic.