Matching Online Excellence with Offline Prestige

The Escrow Connection, long time Palm Springs icon in the Real Estate Industry, had been working analog for over 30 years. It was time to match their offline prestige with a vibrant online presence.


Already well known within the Real Estate community, The Escrow Connection needed a website that would continue to promote their brand and build their business. While they had been timid of establishing an online presence in the past, it was time.

How we helped

Sticky Center did a review of the marketing materials available for The Escrow Connection, and what competitors in the area were offering online. The Escrow Connection wanted to move into the web in a strategic, moderated way, starting with just the website. As such, the website needed to communicate their services available as well as introduce the team players to new customers. The look and feel needed to match their recently revamped style. The site needed to be user friendly, and mobile ready.

How it stuck

The site has offered new and current clients a fresh look into The Escrow Connection and the services that they provide. It has been well received, with an audience growing daily.