Guiding Media to Content Quickly

AdventureWorld Warsaw needed a website where the media could quickly access images, logos and more to add to their stories about the newest world class destination in Poland. That’s where we came in.


Adventure World Warsaw is opening in 2015 as the premier World Class Destination Resort in Warsaw, Poland. Their Marketing Consultant came to us to create a site that would port into the overall resort site, with a similar look and feel but a very different purpose. The site we created would be a searchable, intuitive database that the media could download multiple file size versions of art. Since the resort was in Poland, the website had to be in both English and Polish.

How we helped

By leveraging the power of the Drupal content management system, Sticky Center was able to create a site that did exactly as expected – delivered content quickly to the media. The site was divided similar to the theme park, so media could “wander” through the resort just like they will be able to when it opens. The site also has a robust search feature, allowing viewers to get quickly to what they want.

Drupal’s multi-lingual capabilities proved key in creating the site. The content is easily added in both English and Polish by non-technical content contributors. The site viewer can select which language of the two to use and the site automatically adjusts the content accordingly.

How it stuck

The site has been active for over a year, having launched in mid-July of 2012 with the main resort website. It has been an ongoing resource for the media throughout the world, as well as anyone else interested in the project.