Generating Sales with Direct Mail

Atlantic Square, a large grocery anchored retail shopping center in Monterey Park, California needed to boost foot traffic, sales and brand awareness. Enter the coupon filled direct mail.


Atlantic Square, on the edges of downtown Los Angeles, is blessed with split demographics: 50% Hispanic and 50% Asian population. As such, speaking to this market with a limited budget requires a message delivered carefully. Each culture has specific design choices that resonate. The challenge was to deliver something that was attractive to both.

How we helped

By focusing on what the two demographic groups had in common – English – as well as a number of other design aesthetics – we created a campaign that appealed to both.
Sticky Center worked with the merchants featured directly to create offers that were appealing and prompted action.

How it stuck

The results are still pouring in from the ongoing annual campaign, but so far coupon redemptions reflect an approximately 2% to 4% return.