...a sample of messages that stuck.

  • Matching Online Excellence with Offline Prestige

    The Escrow Connection, long time Palm Springs icon in the Real Estate Industry, had been working analog for over 30 years. It was time to match their offline prestige with a vibrant online presence....

  • Redefining Vibrant Prestige

    Sometimes even a great brand needs to be redefined. The Escrow Connection, a long time leading Palm Springs Real Estate icon, was ready for a new look. It was time to revamp the look, update both the...

  • Reaching New Customers

    Tahquitz Canyon Chiropractic needed a new online presence. While their existing presence had a number of elements, it was difficult to navigate, not optimized for mobile browsing, and needed additiona...

  • Building Business through Boos!

    Atlantic Square's Annual Halloween Trick or Treat event has happened for over 20 years. It was up to Sticky Center to make the a memorable mark in the community to make sure they came....

  • Guiding Media to Content Quickly

    AdventureWorld Warsaw needed a website where the media could quickly access images, logos and more to add to their stories about the newest world class destination in Poland. That’s where we came in....

  • Generating Sales with Direct Mail

    Atlantic Square, a large grocery anchored retail shopping center in Monterey Park, California needed to boost foot traffic, sales and brand awareness. Enter the coupon filled direct mail....

  • Connecting Students, Parents, Faculty and the Community

    Desert Chapel Christian School (DC) is a small private faith-based school in the center of Palm Springs, California established in 1980. The school needed and updated web presence to increase awarene...

  • Redefining the Familiar

    People can get used to chaos. But chaos doesn’t work when trying to communicate. With over 10 different wordmarks, mascots and logos, Desert Chapel Christian School needed a coherent identity. Sticky...

  • Generating Interest Online

    One of a few Montessori schools in the Coachella Valley, Creative Beginnings wanted an online presence to help promote their school. Started as a preschool and expanded into an elementary, Creative Be...

  • Redefining Success

    JSlusher Services is a well-established maintenance/handyman business expanding the service base. The owner had recently become a licensed contractor, in addition to offering with the maintenance/han...

  • Groovy Attitude Gets the Goods

    A 60's themed hot dog restaurant in downtown Palm Springs? Groovy! Translating the 60s back to the iconic Boomer generation appropriately? Challenge accepted.


  • More Foot Traffic = More Sales

    Canyon Plaza Shopping Center, community center in Sun Valley, California needed to build foot traffic and awareness of their center.


    With a significant cor...