You have a story to tell. Let us help you share it.

Every audience is different, just as every message is different. We create custom crafted campaigns based upon who needs to hear and what has to be heard.

Web Design

Web design is so much more than a good website. It is about a long term content strategy - engaging audiences over the long haul. We build websites that are easy for non-geeks to maintain, and poised to extend and grow.

Direct Mail

The old school message delivery - postal mail - is still an important tool in any advertiser's pocket. We've see the trends in good direct mail design, and work to deliver exceptional return on investment.

Brand Identity

It's who you are as a company. As a product. We strive to enhance the best of the core of any brand. Only by discovering who the brand really is can we share it authentically.

Social Media

Any advertising professional who does not acknowledge the growing importance of social media isn't worth your time. While it may not be for everyone, used correctly social media can deliver big.

Traditional Media

Newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio and television are all important components to any successful conversation. We're well-versed in them all, and keep our options open to the best media for the message.


From Grand Opening Celebrations, community awards shows to on-site large scale events, Sticky Center has handled a variety of events from budgeting, advertising to on-site administration.