Are you an Effective Leader?

Leadership is often defined by what people do, not just a title on their nametag. With that thought, it's important for all business owners to look inward to determine if they have the personality traits that can help them to achieve their goals. Are you an effective leader? You may have what it takes if you have these personality traits. You may think these traits have to do with your ability to sell, lie, and cheat (which are all great indications that you may be in the wrong position.) Rather, these are the most important traits to have.

#1: You Are Strong, But You Are Not Mean
For many business leaders, this is hard to find the balance of in day to day environments. If you don't do it, though, you'll likely be seen as an ineffective leader and that could hurt you in the long term. True leaders know how to be powerful and on point when it is necessary and still understanding and respectful.

#2: You Are Always Honest
Honesty is one of the most important tools business leaders can have. Once you lose that honesty, your business relationships - employees, clients, and partners - can no longer trust you. It takes a long time and a lot of work to get that back. It's anything but easy to do. Honesty means never allowing someone to believe something that isn't true or misguiding others in any way.

#3: You Know How To Make Decisions
Strong business leaders know how to be decisive. Failure is going to happen in every situation, but leaders are not unwilling to make decisions because of the risk of failing. You need to display loyalty to doing what is right, but you need to ultimately make a decision to ensure it achieves your goals.

#4: Leaders Are Compassionate
No matter what industry you are in, to be a small business leader, you need to be compassionate. You need to show the world that you are willing to listen, learn, grow, and develop and to help others to do the same. Good leaders inspire others by and through their actions.

#5: You Are Willing To Grow
Whether it is learning new technologies like social media to grow your business to adapting to the changing retail sector, you need to be able to grow. You don't hold your ground and insist your way is the right way. You learn, grow, and develop and continue to do so throughout your career.

So, are you a good leader? Do you have what it takes to stand out from the crowd and to help your small business to achieve it's goals? If you have these personality traits you have what you need to make it happen.