Our Story

Sticky Center was born at the junction of circumstance, choice and chance.

Christy West and Jennifer Clayton started Sticky Center as life and market forces required a change in their home company of Center Attractions in 2010. After working together there for over 12 years, it was time to pivot in response to a new reality. It was time for a redefinition.

By bringing over existing clients to the new brand, opening up to companies outside the shopping center world, and delving deeper into the web and new media, Sticky Center expanded and made the company more agile, adaptable and viable long-term.

Sticky Center is committed to excellent customer service, authenticity and superior results-driven design. Our clients leverage our deep knowledge of open air shopping centers and strategic marketing with multiple stakeholders and contributors. Added to that bag of tricks is a keen eye to the future and how the web, mobile and social media are revolutionizing how we talk to, interact and sell to each other.

We believe that people are hungry for true connections: honest, authentic interactions with real people. So advertising is notsomuch about “selling your wares” as it is helping people find information about how to solve their problems in a delightful way. We pursue clients who are passionate about sharing their message and connecting authentically.

Meet The Team

Jennifer Clayton

Creative & Media Director

Creative Strategist/dreamer who translates messages into results.

Constantly pursuing creative challenges, Jennifer graduated from University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana with a Bachelor of Science in Theatre Management, with an emphasis in marketing. After completing her degree, she immediately started work as the Marketing Director for the University of Southern Indiana Theatres, including a 700+seat Actor’s Equity summer theatre, a 1,500+ seat outdoor amphitheatre and a 100 seat university theatre.

From there she went back to the industry she first started work in – advertising open air shopping centers – and didn’t look back. She began work at Center Attractions in 1998 as a graphic designer and moved up into the Creative Director and Media Buyer positions. The client scope has broadened significantly from just shopping centers to school, small businesses – anyone with a message that needs to be delivered well.

Jennifer lives in the Palm Springs, CA area with her husband and two young children.

Christy West

Administration & Finance Director

Administrative Catalyst, aka chief cat herder, who ensures excellence.

A founding partner at Sticky Center Inc., Christy attended college at California State University, Northridge and worked full-time as a Marketing Assistant for a home developer. She continued to build on her financial and real estate background as a bank teller, accounting assistant, and escrow assistant for more than five years. She began her shopping center marketing and property management career with La Cagnina Riley in 1994. Christy was an integral part in establishing Center Attractions, a shopping center marketing company in 1995, and worked for that company for 15 years as an Account Executive and Finance Administrator.

Christy is a dedicated supporter of her children's school, community and church.

Christy married her high school sweetheart more than twenty years ago. She and her husband have three children, a daughter and a son in college, and a son in high school.